The 20 Most Reviewed Art Museums on TripAdvisor
Article   10/08/2018
stairs and columns inside museumPhoto by Jan Mehlich
This time around, instead of art reviews, we thought it would be interesting to look at art museum reviews. Luckily, there’s a large amount of review information on TripAdvisor, but reading through every review would be too overwhelming, so we looked at total number of reviews for each art museum. This will tell us which museums are being visited and talked about most. Searching “art museum” on TripAdvisor gives a list of places that have a mention of this key phrase, but some of the places may be history museums or other specialty museums. We narrowed the list down to only museums with a significant art collection and selected 20 with the most reviews. The list of the 20 art museums reveals a couple of interesting things. First, this shows the relative popularity of the museums. Art museums in major tourist areas will tend to have more reviews, but the museums themselves are a reason why certain areas are major tourist centers. The second thing to note is that these are all Western art museums. TripAdvisor is mostly used by English speakers so art museums in non-Western parts of the world will be underrepresented on the site. If we compiled reviews from an Asian travel website, the list would still include many of these Western museums, but not all. Nonetheless, this list represents some of the most loved art museums in the world. If you have a bucket list of museums to visit, make sure these are on there!
Art Museum City Reviews
The Louvre Paris 90034
British Museum London 64394
Musée d'Orsay Paris 59081
Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam 55296
Metropolitan Museum of Art New York 50299
Museo Nacional Del Prado Madrid 49350
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 40117
National Gallery London 35060
Vatican Museums Vatican City 33639
Uffizi Gallery Florence 31675
Accademia Gallery Florence 28766
Victoria and Albert Museum London 27918
Hermitage Museum Saint Petersburg 22848
Art Institute of Chicago Chicago 21920
Pergamon Museum Berlin 18353
Museum of Modern Art New York 16368
Galleria Borghese Rome 15612
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 14830
Reina Sofía Madrid 14164
J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles 13113
The number of reviews changes daily. The numbers for this list are from Oct. 8, 2018.