soundpedro 2018 Call for Curators for Site-responsive Projects
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Call Status: closed
Organization: FLOOD
Location: San Pedro, CA
Deadline: Apr 13, 2018 (at 11:59PM America/Los_Angeles time)
Application Fee: None
Number of media files required: 1 to 5


FLOOD is seeking curators or artist groups for a sound art exhibition for soundpedro 2018 to take place at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center (AGCC) Main Gallery (upstairs).

It is FLOOD's desire to raise awareness for new and emergent art, exposing audiences and communities to upstream sensibilities and approaches. This call is targeting curators with experience and expertise in the area of sound art who can lend a unique curatorial perspective and approach to its presentation.

The AGCC 1700 square-foot exhibition gallery is one of numerous repurposed spaces within the former 1940’s-era Army barracks in Ft. MacArthur Upper Reservation, located in San Pedro CA. The mission of AGCC is to provide space for artists to work and to engage community through arts education, exhibitions of contemporary art, and cultural events.

Understanding of how AGCC’s location can inform the work is preferred. Curators are urged to visit or contact AGCC at 310-519-0936 if they have any questions.


In the submissions package include: • Examples of curation (in media files, either images or videos, annotated with title, year, venue and description).

In the submission title, put your name.

In the submission letter include:

• Curator statement (1000-1500 characters).

• Resume (1000-3000 characters).

• Synopsis of proposed project.

• Detailed exhibition proposal that outlines both the background and plan for the exhibition.

• Participating artists, and brief bios if applicable.

• Brief budget narrative.

Terms & Conditions:


• Proposals must be conceptually rigorous and focus on artists, projects, and themes that are innovative, challenging, and engaging.

• Curatorial excellence in the quality and strength of past work as demonstrated in the submitted application materials.

• Demonstrated ability to plan and organize exhibitions, work with venue staff, and have experience working with similar institutions in scope and budget range.

• Show familiarity with contemporary discourse in art, especially ear-oriented art.

• Demonstrated ability to negotiate sound technologies conceptually or manually.

• Special consideration will be given to proposals that clearly demonstrate a unique and creative approach to both curatorial research methods, and the exhibition plan, as well as demonstrate awareness of the host site (site responsiveness).

The budget for the accepted proposal is $500, including stipend. The selected curator will be responsible for all aspects of the exhibition program; curation development, research, design, installation, and maintenance. Staff, with the curator’s oversight, will be available to assist in the installation and maintenance.

TIMELINE Application deadline: April 9 Curator selected and contacted: April 17, 2018 Install between: May 24, 2018 and June 2, 2018 Show dates: June 2, 2018 - July 16, 2018.

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