2020 Grassroots Action Project Fiscal Sponsorship Program Application
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Call Status: closed
Organization: Arts Business Collaborative
Location: New York, NY
Deadline: Aug 31, 2020 (at 11:59PM America/New_York time)
Application Fee: None
Number of media files required: 1 to 6

Applications for entrance into the Grassroots Action Project Fiscal Sponsorship Program are accepted on a rolling basis. In addition to questions included in the form, all applications must include:

  • Projected budgets for at least the next two years. Be sure to itemize and detail both revenue and expenses, breaking down the line items as much as possible and including compensation where possible. Please use this template.
  • A list of the staff and/or board members associated with the project with affiliations.
  • Evidence of the legal status of the organization or project (such as organizing documents, articles of incorporation, trust agreements, tax classification or certification from appropriate authorities). If not formally organized, this is not necessary.
  • Recent financial statements for the organization or project, as well as a copy of the latest tax return, financial statements and/or other relevant filings. If no formal statements, a list of expenditures for this year is acceptable.

Please keep each file under 0.5 MB.

Once ABC has received all the requested materials, the application will be circulated to the Board of Directors for review. ABC will notify applicants of the Board’s decision within 15 business days and, if the application is approved, a GAP Fiscal Sponsorship Program Agreement will be executed at that time.

The length of the application process depends on a number of factors, including how complete the application is at the time of submission, the nature of the project, and the number of applications currently being reviewed. 

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