soundpedro 2019 Call for Earmaginations
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Call Status: closed
Organization: FLOOD
Location: San Pedro, CA
Deadline: Apr 10, 2019 (at 11:59PM America/Los_Angeles time)
Application Fee: None
Number of media files required: -5 to 5

Call Description:

Taking place at Angels Gate Cultural Center, soundpedro is an annual event, produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD. The "Earmaginations" event will add greater conceptual breadth to soundpedro by moving beyond sound to “ear orientation.”

We are looking for ear-oriented silent videos that explore and synthesize ideas, images, and visual conceptualizations informed by or responding to the dynamics, the interplays, and the aesthetics of various auralities and deafnesses, hearing and listening. Videos will be displayed outdoors, on multiple surfaces.

We are looking for silent videos (5 - 15 minutes) that can include visualization of such themes or actions as:

• acoustics

• psychoacoustics

• audio technologies

• spatialization

• timbralization

• environmental sound

• hearing anatomies

• synaesthetic responses to sound

• imagined aural response

• connection of sound and hearing to sight and seeing

• autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)


To submit to this call, please complete the submission form below and add your media files.

The required media files are:

• One photo or representative image of the artist for our website and PR (jpeg, 1920 pixels minimum on longest edge).

• Up to 3 additional images for use in event materials and PR (jpeg, 1920 pixels wide minimum, 16:9 ratio preferred).

• Video URL of submitted work. Please use the input field at the bottom of the submission form to add a video URL. The video should be 5 - 15 minutes and hosted on YouTube or Vimeo (can be unlisted or public but not private). The submitted video must include 8 seconds of intro and outro with work title (in italics), artist name, and year of creation, using white text on black background, centered to the frame, on three lines, preferably fade in/out to black.

Please feel free to contact us any time with further questions at: or contact Marco at (562) 413 5868.

Terms & Conditions:

Notification of Acceptance: March 2, 2019

Before submitting an application, please see the soundpedro website in order to become familiar with the event and venue. If you are local, we encourage you to visit Angels Gate in person.

Any costs for production of work and/or travel expenses are the responsibility of the artist. FLOOD will write letters of recommendation for those artists seeking funds elsewhere.

If you are invited to be a participant in soundpedro, your name, likeness, as well as work may be used for publicity purposes and materials related to this event, including, but not limited to, press releases, advertising posters, publications, recordings and soundpedro related websites.

By submitting your application electronically, you authorize the use of your name, likeness and work for the above-mentioned purpose. Please note that all other personal information (address, telephone numbers, etc.) is strictly for internal use.

Accepted artists will be requested to send/share mov, mp4, or m4v file via Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. by March 15th.

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