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submission form
Create A Custom Submission Form
When you set up your call-for-entry, you can create a custom submission form with our easy-to-use online software. This allows you to collect exactly the right information from your applicants.
Accept Media Files
Applicants can submit images, videos, audio, and text documents along with their submission forms. You can review the submitted media files on our system without having to download or organize them into folders.
media files
application fee payments
Application Fee Payment Processing
If your call-for-entry requires an application fee, you can set up a fixed fee or per-media-file fee. There's also the option to create a discount code that can be offered to select applicants. All fees are securely processed through PayPal.
Jurying & Selection Tools
Jurying and selecting submissions is done in our user interface that's designed specifically for art. You can review, sort, and add notes to the submissions, and it's automatically organize by our software. If there's more than one juror, each juror can make their selections independently and their selections can be combined in different ways.
jurying & selection
Applicant Notifications Simplified
Email lists are automatically generated for each group of applicants based on how their submissions are sorted. You only have to compose one message for each applicant group and our system will insert the proper applicant names and send out all the emails.
Manage Submissions Anytime Anywhere
Our system runs on Amazon's cloud and works on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can manage submissions at your convenience without having to download an app.
anytime anywhere