Submission Management Demo

Easy to learn, simple to use.
To test out ArtsuZe for yourself, just create an account and follow the steps below. There's no cost and no commitment required.
  • Sign up for an ArtsuZe account.
  • Click the link in the Account Verification email to verify the account.
  • Please note, calls can't be created until the account is verified.
  • Go to the "Create Call" page to create a Free Demo call.
  • After the call is created, you'll be taken to the "Manage Call" page.
  • Edit the call and submission form as you need.
  • When the call is ready, set its status to "Open".
  • Then submit to the call using the same account. Don't create another account to submit to the call; otherwise, you won't be able to delete the call when your testing is done.
  • Review your submission to the call in the "Review Submissions" page.
  • To finish your testing, delete your submission to the call in the "My Calls" page, then delete the call in the "Manage Call" page.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us.
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