Submission Management FAQ's

How will we receive the application fee payments?
All application fees are first paid into the ArtsuZe PayPal account. After the call is closed and the applicants have been notified, then the application fees minus ArtsuZe and PayPal fees will be transferred to your PayPal account.

How many jurors can we assign to a call?
Each call can have the call manager as the primary juror plus 3 additional jurors. Jurors can be added or removed at any time. To add someone as a juror, they need to sign up on ArtsuZe.

Where are the emails to applicants saved?
Artsuze does not save or view the contents of the emails sent to applicants through our system. We only relay the emails. If you would like to have copies of the emails to applicants, make sure your email is included in the CC or BCC field of the message.

Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?
Most of our clients are nonprofit art organizations so we don't specifically have a nonprofit discount, but we've tried to set our pricing to be reasonably affordable.
Can a submission form be edited after a call is open?
Yes, but submissions forms that have already been submitted by applicants will be unchanged. Also, if the submission forms are downloaded as a CSV, the fields won't line up properly in columns unless the only change that's made is to add new fields to the end of the submission form.

How do we edit the call deadline time zone?
The call deadline time zone is set automatically so it can't be edited.

Do we need to close the call ourselves when the deadline is reached?
When a call deadline is reached, it will automatically be closed.

Does the system automatically send a confirmation email to each applicant when they submit?
Yes, each applicant will receive a confirmation email that's auto generated and contains the applicant name, call name, and confirmation message.